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How to have a mold resistant home

Buying or Selling your Home with a Wet Basement.

A basement that has water problems will make a house much harder to sell.
According to you get 20 to 30 percent less for your house if it needs fixed up.
The advantages for someone buying a home that has a wet basement is a savings.
An ideal fixer-upper is one you can purchase at 20 to 30 percent less than its potential fixed-up value. That means for a home buyer super savings. For a home seller super losses.

Beware of major structural problems
Lending Tree says;  You should probably walk away from the deal if you find continuous cracking in the bricks or foundation. floors that are cracked, crooked and basement walls that are leaning.
Therefore if your selling a house that has any of these problems it just makes good financial sense to do the repairs before trying to sell your damaged home.
Builder Magazine found that approx. 19% of home buyers will not consider a house that needs fixed up when shopping for their home.

Seven Red Flags that Lending Tree reports

1. Nice house, not-so-nice neighborhood
2. Downhill dampness
Once you get to the home, notice whether it has a front or backyard that slopes toward the house, which could spell drainage issues. Check for a wet basement or crawl space, and be alert for damp, musty odors inside.
3. Shaky foundation
Look for cracks in the block work, bowed walls or a chimney that seems to be pulling away from the house. These could be signs of foundation problems, which generally are fixable, but expensive.

The first and second repairable red flags are 1.wet basements                                                                      cracks.
Before selling your home have the basement waterproofed, install a sump pump , if needed the foundation repaired and install a dehumidifier or air exchange unit to ensure a dry basement. “Repair will take a  few days and your home should sell faster and at much higher price.
Your investment will be small compared to the money you will earn, raising the value of the home by tens of thousands of dollars. Of all the repairs you can do on your home basement waterproofing is among the easiest and fastest to repair.

If your buying the house and you make the repairs, you will have a healthy home and make a healthy profit increasing the value of your home.

If your selling your home the same is true. By fixing your leaking basement and repairing the foundation you will get your money back several times over vs if you do nothing, you loose money and normally slow down the sale or stop the sale of your house.
Having a waterproofed basement, with a sump pump, reinforced walls with a lifetime transferable guarantee will be a great negotiating tool when prospective buyers look at your house. In addition installing a money & energy saving Air Exchange unit designed to replace out dated  dehumidifiers. Air Exchanger’s  keep the air humidity level down and bring in clean fresh air at the same time a great defense against mold and  a great selling point as well.

You may also want to increase your living space of your house by1/2 to 1/3 by remodeling your basement after installing a proper basement waterproofing system. This also Increases the value of your home greatly.

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Mold spores are everywhere waiting for the right condition become active.
When moisture content or humidity reaches 19% and temperature is between approx. 40º and 115º F, mold will grow.

Colonies of mold will establish in 48 hours. When the moisture is blocked or dried up the mold will no longer grow.

Some molds produce toxic gases from the decaying mold.

What to look for:
Mold may be easily found or may be completely hidden. Mold can often be smelled even when not seen. The musty, smell associated with damp basements comes from mold growth. If you think you smell mold (mildew), you probably do.

The most dangerous and damaging mold infestations have been from growth inside walls.

These signs are a red flag for home buyers -  sellers - and home owners alike.

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Click on  to learn more about  MOLD

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