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All 3 Diagrams are only very basic systems, we have many other inside and outside types of systems Available .
Outside Excavation Excavate dirt down beside footing;in_out_excavation_4-27-12
properly clean and
repair cracks in walls, seal walls, replace old 4' inch pipe, install 4' inch clean outs for system, cover pipe with 2B or 57 size washed gravel. Back fill with soil to grade away from house. note: gravel can be brought all the way up to ground level.

Inside System:
Cut out 14" inch strip of concrete around the walls to expose the footing and excavate dirt to bottom of footing. Install a sump crock with a locking lid and sump pump. On cement block walls, drill weep hole in each core of blocks. Run a perforated drain pipe in the trench to sump crock. Fill the trench and around the crock with 2b or 57 size washed bank gravel. Lay a 6 mil plastic on top of the gravel and pour concrete to fill in the floor. Run the sump pump discharge pipe outside into downspout or approx. 10' feet from house. After this type of system is installed under the floor, it creates water pressure relief to very effectively lower the water table under the floor.

Shallow Surface Drain:
We excavate 1' to 2' feet deep by hand around house and seal any cracks found all the way down to footing if needed.
Drainage mat and or 2"inch thick rigid foam board insulation to provide a thermal break and vapor barrier, is ran down the wall, across bottom of trench. A 4" inch pipe covered by washed 2b or 57 washed bank gravel.
This will catch surface water stopping it from running into foundation walls and basement floor. A Filter laid over gravel, then a thin layer of dirt or gravel to grade level. Caulk all cracks in foundation above grade and around windows. Also the same inside, repair any cracks in walls and floor. We inspect footings and reinforce them if needed. A Inside system is installed as explained in above diagram.

Red Flag Note: Some older homes have no concrete footing to support the foundation. types of foundations can be anything from field stone, tile block, cinder blocks or cement blocks. The foundation was laid on just the earth, clay, hard dirt. If a complete inside or outside drainage system is installed 1' foot below floor level you would have approx. a 8"inch wall of clay exposed directly under the foundation wall. Therefore the clay under the weight of the house and foundation will compress causing the foundation walls to become unstable. The result is a structural nightmare cracking, bowing and caving in of foundation walls.

The answer to this type of problem?
At Guardian Basement Waterproofing we are foundation experts and can therefore install new footings if none exist, giving you a structural sound foundation.

Red Flag Note:
Many Basement Waterproofing companies, (not being foundation experts) will simply install their system beside the clay under your block wall resulting in structural problems eventually.

Member of Angie's List

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